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Draw and then paint 15 individual flowers, then put them all together in one finale painting.

​​​​​​​With Anna's guidance, you'll have a collection of drawings and paintings you'll love.

15 Flowers - the eCourse is designed for you if you want to learn to draw and paint flowers.

See through the eyes of an artist, and learn more about flowers as you go - noticing details and colours you may have never seen before.

A natural teacher, Anna will guide you through the drawing and painting of each flower, explaining how she personally approaches each one.


And the proof is in the painting! Take a look at this wonderful student work :)

"After 15 Flowers I truly feel like an artist."

Meet Anna Bartlett, your artist and guide

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Anna has been an artist her whole life, and her superpower is 'making things simple'. 

The original 'Shiny Happy Artist', she regularly runs sold-out Paint Alongs and workshops in her home town of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

Anna also wrote Painting Party, published by North Light Books, and travels around Australia running Pop Up Paint Alongs and Wonder Workshops.

15 Flowers is Anna's 'signature' ecourse, a baby of which she is most proud!

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15 Flowers - the eCourse is $120 well spent

(and that's Australian Dollars! It's even cheaper in US Dollars and Euros!)
The eCourse includes:
  • Videos and written instructions for all 15 different flowers (plus bonus flowers - we've given it away!)

  • Loads of bonuses, including a Pencil Practice exercise and heaps of useful information about art supplies

  • Video of Anna's famous 'Positivity Pep Talk'

  • Learn the parts of a flower in a fun, useful way
  • Printable pages of every drawing and painting exercise as reference material. Print out Anna's work for your wall if you like!

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